The 2015 NBA Draft will be held on Thursday, June 25th, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Players’ Tribune will document the Draft with a unique glimpse into the lives and mindsets of some of this year’s top prospects, as they prepare for their NBA dreams to become reality.

Big Questions with Adam Silver

C.J. McCollum sat down with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to talk about the NBA season, the future of the league, and a little bit of Jay Z.

My Awkward Phone Call with Michael Jordan

The first time I met Michael Jordan, I might have big-timed him. Maybe. Not sure, but might I have.

Steve Nash and Jahlil Okafor: In Conversation

One of the NBA's most respected veterans, Steve Nash, sat down with Jahlil Okafor ahead of this biggest night of his young life — the NBA Draft — for an honest and wide-ranging conversation about what to expect on the…

Singular Focus: The Team Workout (Ep. 3)

This is Singular Focus, a three-part video series chronicling Willie Cauley-Stein’s training as he prepares for the NBA Draft. In this third installment, Willie flies to Miami for a team workout with the Heat, FaceTime's an NBA buddy to get…

Mock NBA Draft Interview: Sam Dekker

To get a glimpse inside the pre-draft interview process, we brought together Chris Grant, longtime NBA executive, and former Wisconsin Badger and draft hopeful Sam Dekker for a mock draft interview.

The NBA Draft Survival Guide

I have two pieces of advice for NBA Draftees: Don’t believe everything you hear, and be sure to take advantage of the free drinks. New York is expensive.

On the Line: Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams gives some insight into the biggest surprises he has faced in the NBA, the things he is working on in the offseason and some of the new additions to his training regiment.

2015 NBA Draft Preview With Chris Grant (Part II)

In Part II of a two-part Players' Tribune podcast on the 2015 NBA Draft, former Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant takes us into the mindset of the front office on Draft Day.

Singular Focus: Breaking Barriers (Ep. 2)

This is Singular Focus, a three-part video series chronicling Willie Cauley-Stein’s training as he prepares for the NBA Draft. In this second installment, Willie heads to Venice Beach to reset his mind after pushing himself in a tough individual workout.

NBA Job Application: Willie Cauley-Stein

With the draft on the horizon, your favorite NBA team will be adding a few new employees soon. With this in mind, we asked some incoming rookies to show off their basketball chops in a format familiar to anyone who…

2015 NBA Draft Preview With Chris Grant

How does the NBA Draft look through the eyes of long-time NBA executive? Former NBA GM Chris Grant takes us inside the NBA Draft, offering insight into the criteria teams use to evaluate draftees, the importance of the pre-draft player…

Draft Life: Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay is poised to be one of the NBA's most electrifying rookies. The Players' Tribune recently got to go inside Mudiay's pre-draft workouts.