Typically, an NFL player has around 15 days off during the season. On this off day, Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas of the Arizona Cardinals take a break from making a Super Bowl run to get together for a day on the lake. This is Singular Focus: Off Day.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 3)

What's a day on the lake if you don't get in the water? To Troy Niklas, it's not. But watch out, Michael Floyd. If you're not careful, you just might join him.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 2)

If you've ever been fishing, you know that the one guy who doesn’t fish is always the one who catches one. Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas's day on the lake was no different.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 1)

On his off days, Carson Palmer likes to sleep in until 6:45 a.m. and then take his kids to school. On this off day, he took some time to catch up with teammates Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas for a…

Gone Fishin’

Life is short, but the NFL season is long. So after weeks of practices, film study and, of course, putting in the work on Sundays to set up a Super Bowl run, Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas of…

What I’ve Learned from Larry Fitzgerald

The first lesson from The Larry Fitzgerald School of Being a Pro is simple: Show up. When you’re required to show up, show up. When you’re not required to show up, show up anyway.

In Position

It was kind of crazy. Only one year after working up the courage to ask about switching positions, I had an NFL team bringing me in to play tight end.

In the Cards

We’re not trying to build for the future. We’re trying to win now. We’re trying to win the Super Bowl this year. That’s all that matters to us.