The Art of Catching Foul Balls

The thing about playing catcher is that you’re just trying to get your pitcher a win. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against or when you’re playing. It’s all about making the guy up on the mound look good.

The Catch That Won the '83 World Series

It’s kind of indescribable to see a lifelong goal floating towards you in the air. As soon as the ball popped into my glove, I was a world champion.

How to Rob a Home Run

Baseball is a statistics-obsessed sport, so it makes sense that hitting is easier to understand than fielding. There’s no real stat in baseball for robbing guys of home runs.

The Best Play I Ever Made

I'm rounding the bases and it's like everything's popping off. Missiles, rockets, fireworks, whatever. It was a party. That hit got me a lot of Wheaties, man. That hit put me on the map.

Just Doing My Job

I’m no hero. I’m just a guy out there doing his job, patrolling the third base line for stray foul balls and making sure none of the guys in the bullpen get hit in the face.

My Home Run Hop

A lot of times when athletes get hurt in a gruesome way, they don't really talk about it. For me? My worst injury was the biggest moment in my career.


The hair, the baggy shorts, the black socks, the black shoes, those Panasonic headphones we’d listen to on the way to games — we embraced our own style. That year it felt like it was us against the world.

The Best Shot I Ever Made

PGA golfers weigh in on the best shot of their career, from a long-distance putt and one golfer’s first PGA tournament victory to a 7-iron shot that aided one of the biggest comebacks in Ryder Cup history.


There was no play call. Coach Romar tried to call a timeout, but I waved him off. Not tonight, coach. Nineteen seconds left in a tie game with the Pac-10 championship on the line? I had the ball. I was…

That’s What’s Up

As play started and everyone began shuffling around, I saw Joe Johnson breaking towards half-court, which meant he was my guy. Joe hesitated for a split-second, which turned out to be what made what happened next possible.

The Cross

The Best Play I Ever Made is a new series where athletes break down the (you guessed it) best play they ever made. Our first entry is from U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder Megan Rapinoe.