Welcome to Cause & Effect, a series featuring current NFL athletes who are using their platform to raise awareness, drive social change and make a difference in their communities. From youth development and education, to mental health and finding cures for illnesses, learn about the causes they support and how you can get involved. During Week 13 of the regular season, players will have the ability to promote their respective causes through the league's #MyCauseMyCleats campaign.

Cause & Effect

The Murder Factory

My cousin didn’t believe me when I told him I’d seen a dead body down the road. I was 12 when it happened.

Life and Death

As I was standing there on that highway, just feeling grateful and happy to be alive ... somewhere in the back of his mind, my best friend on the other end of the phone was wishing he was dead.

Who the Real Heroes Are

We will fight for those affected by Fanconi anemia every single day, and we won’t stop until we find a cure.

Why We’re Talking about Race

Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Glover Quin discuss how law enforcement and race issues have impacted their lives.

For Coach Lynch, The Man Who Changed My Life

I grew up in District Heights, Maryland. It was a rough area outside Washington, D.C., home to a lot of drugs and gang violence. It was the type of place where, even in middle school, kids kept guns in their…

I’m a Foster Kid in the NFL

Growing up in the foster system can make you feel like you’re living life at a disadvantage. I know because I’ve done it.

Inside My Week 13 Cleat Design

Watch as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shares the story behind his cause, as well as his cleat design.

The Story Behind My Cleats

A few years ago, I met a little boy in Wisconsin named Jack Bartosz. Jack was battling pediatric cancer, but you wouldn’t have known it from his demeanor.

Join the Fight

Six years ago, when I first linked up with Cure Duchenne, there was no cure in sight.

At the Heart of It All

We were prepared for a lot of things going into T.J.'s surgery. But nothing — nothing — can prepare you for seeing your baby in that condition. All I wanted to do was give him love. All I wanted to…

Von's Vision

Over 400 guests joined Von Miller and his Broncos teammates for Von’s Celebrity Steak-Out, which raised over $480,000 to benefit Von’s Vision Foundation.

Let’s Talk About Bullying

Not a lot of people know this about me, but I was bullied growing up. And I’d like to share some of my experiences so that kids out there who are dealing with bullying will know that there is hope.