When you're looking for the true experts, you don't have to look any further than those who play the game every day. That's why The Players' Tribune created Elite 101, a series where players break down other players, from the best at their position to those they play against week in and week out. Because let's face it: The players know best.

The Five Best European Players I’ve Ever Faced

I've been in the NBA 10 years now, which is unbelievable. To celebrate, here are the best European players I've ever faced.

5 Guys I’ve Fought: A List

I’ve made my fair share of lists over the years, but never anything quite like this. A list of my personal favorite opponents over the course of my career? That doesn’t really sound like me, does it? That’s the beauty…

The 5 Toughest Corners I’ve Ever Faced

I see my boy Chris Harris Jr. every day in practice, and he’s one of those guys — I call ’em dogs. Like, he straight got that dog in him, you know? I recognize that, because I’m a dog, too.

The 5 Most Underrated WRs I've Ever Faced

We're all here in the NFL because we can play, so you can't sleep on anybody in this league. Especially these five guys, because they'll flat-out make you look bad.

The 5 Toughest Corners I’ve Ever Faced

It’s like "The Art of War" — you gotta know your enemy just as well as you know yourself.

The 5 Toughest Players I’ve Ever Faced

I see a guy like Sid winning two Stanley Cups in a row, and he’s still loving everything about the game, still working on new things. That’s inspiring to me. I wake up every day and try to eat, breathe,…

The 5 Toughest Guys I’ve Ever Faced

It’s always fun to look back on the memories, both the good and the bad. And the dudes on this list gave me some bad memories. These are the guys who gave me fits over the years.

The 5 Toughest Linemen I’ve Ever Faced

I need everybody to answer one question for me. It’s a yes-or-no question, but you also gotta give an explanation. Is Batman a superhero?

The 5 Toughest Corners I’ve Ever Faced

I know guys usually have intros for these things with funny stories and stuff. What can I say? I’m not really a big talker. I’m trying to think of a good story that would somehow be related to a top…

Five Toughest to Guard in the WNBA

We’ve got the playoffs coming up and a championship to work toward. So, Players’ Tribune, you know I can’t give away all my secrets. But you asked for my list of the five toughest players to guard and I’m about…

The 5 Toughest Guys I’ve Ever Faced

I play for the Steelers. I have two Top 5 guys on my own squad. It’s not even up for debate.

Elite 101: 'Glue Guys' Edition

So ... what's a Glue Guy? Well, it's not the David Ross that Theo Epstein said he'd heard about back in 2008.