The Moments

There are so many little moments in everybody's lives, when things could go either way, when you could either go to the fifth floor or the sixth. And every one of those choices matter, even when you don’t know how.

Thank You, Kansas City

Once everything had been agreed upon and the news became public, that’s when it really set in. That’s when it became real. The emotions that came with it were real, too.

The Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Alberta isn’t just a rivalry between two NHL teams. It’s bigger than that. It’s between the city of Edmonton and the city of Calgary. And all the people who live in both towns. If you grew up…

8 Questions with Emmitt Smith

We Deserve Better

The Olympics are supposed to be the pinnacle of sport, a place where the world’s best gather every four years to showcase their abilities. It’s a dream most athletes hold close and work tirelessly towards. Last month, during the women’s…

I Got a Story to Tell

Four years before I was on that plane with Hakeem telling me we’re going shopping for cashmere suits together — four years before I was about to go play against Gary Payton — I was on the corner of Maple…

Everyone Is Going Through Something

On November 5th, right after halftime against the Hawks, I had a panic attack. I’ve never been comfortable sharing much about myself. Today, I’ve realized I need to change that.

The Road Back

Patience. One goal. More coming soon on my road back to the court.

A Letter to NFL GMs

I know there are some scouts and coaches — and even some of you GMs out there — who are probably doubting me, and that’s O.K. I get it. I only have one hand, and because of that, there have…

Malcolm Brogdon’s Clean Water Difference

When I was young, I went to Ghana with my family for three weeks. Since then, my understanding of the importance of clean water has grown immensely, and ensuring people have access to it has become a passion of mine.

The Ocean Is Everything

I just really love to surf. I love everything about it. I’d surf all day, every day if I could, and some of my best memories are the ones I’ve made with my friends down at the beach.

Thank You, Oklahoma

As I prepare for this next step, I find myself extremely thankful to this university for the greatest gift imaginable: the ability to dream even bigger.