Athletes are known for the passion they bring to the game, but that intensity doesn’t disappear when they step off the field. In fact, most athletes pursue their hobbies with the same relentless dedication they apply to their chosen sport. Game Break explores the side of athletes that fans rarely get to see, while showcasing the connection between on and off the field greatness. ​

Game Break: Behind the Scenes

​In our new video series, Game Break, we visit athletes off the field and take a look at their interests, passions and pursuits. We've gathered photos from the series that show the athletes just being themselves.

Dream Chaser

I have never been a guy to settle on one dream. And I will never regret having a lot of dreams.

Game Break: Martellus Bennett

In this Game Break, Martellus Bennett, a published children's book author and budding animator, shows his off-the-field passion for art, illustration and animation.

My Top 5 Fashion Influences

Here are a couple places that influence me and give me the inspiration to take my bow-tie brand to the next level.

Game Break: Malcolm Jenkins

In this Game Break, the Pro Bowl safety gives us a look into the origins of his bow tie line and how he plans to creatively push the envelope.

My Favorite Musical Influences

Football and music have a lot more in common than you think.

Game Break: Justin Tucker

In this Game Break, Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker shows us that the most exhausting thing for him isn’t practice days on the field — it’s hitting the right note off it.

My Three Favorite Math Puzzles

Math doesn’t have answers in the back of the puzzle book. Neither does life. Enjoy.

Game Break: John Urschel

In this Game Break, John Urschel takes us for a ride and opens up about his passion for mathematics as well as education.