Be Like Ronaldinho

If men’s football can thrill and inspire people, women’s football can, too.

Stick the Landing

"When I'm up in the air, I turn 3½ times, hope for the best, and I land on my right foot — always. Always."

Any Questions

Even if how it all came together wasn’t exactly the way I would have liked, I realize now that this is the perfect way for me to finish — on the track, in the No. 7 GoDaddy Chevy, with the…

Feeling Good Again

As long as I have world-class basketball left in me, I want to be playing it in the league that inspired me to be a world-class basketball player to begin with.

Anatomy of a Student-Athlete

I want to show that it’s beautiful to be strong. It’s beautiful to be muscular. It’s beautiful to be built.

To My Grandmother

You always told me that women can do anything we want. You always told me that I could do whatever I want. I wish you were here to see it.

This Is Survival

I wasn't allowed to read my statement in court. This is what I wanted to say.

26.2 in My Shoes

Fifty-four years ago, I got away with a crime. I’m still proud of it today. I had showed up — uninvited — to the 16th running of the Western Hemisphere Marathon, an all-men’s event. I had run with the men…

Me Too

Even though I play in front of thousands of people or talk to reporters all the time, I have quiet moments every day that no one sees. That’s often when I think about it. I could be surrounded by my…

Write Your Story, Babygirl

I hope this isn't going to be received as another feel-good story about a poor kid who made it out of the hood.

Letter to My Younger Self

Believe in yourself. Believe in your instinct. And you’ll find out just why God has given you this talent.

Into the Unknown

Before my first match back from suspension, it seemed like everyone in my life only wanted to know one thing.