Legends of the Summer

The Best Play I Ever Made

I know that many people are aware of what I did when the U.S. won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999. But the truth is that the best play I ever made happened 20 years earlier, when I was…

Summer Days with Brandi Chastain

The Players’ Tribune went behind the scenes with Brandi Chastain as she spent an afternoon with a group of young fans.

Field Notes: Brandi Chastain

I remember the first day I signed up. I got my uniform. I slept in it that night and I went out to practice. And literally, it was love at first kick. It's been a love affair ever since.

Summer Days with Johnny Bench

Since Johnny Bench retired in 1983 the 10-time Gold Glove winner has found another place (besides behind the plate) where he excels: behind the grill.

Field Notes: Johnny Bench

I miss being the artist. I had the canvas and I had the pitcher be the painter, and he had to paint the game.

The Art of Catching Foul Balls

The thing about playing catcher is that you’re just trying to get your pitcher a win. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against or when you’re playing. It’s all about making the guy up on the mound look good.

Field Notes: Cal Ripken Jr.

The Streak always represented to me a sense of responsibility. I thought it was important to come out there and be there for your teammates — to try to play and try to win each day.

The Catch That Won the '83 World Series

It’s kind of indescribable to see a lifelong goal floating towards you in the air. As soon as the ball popped into my glove, I was a world champion.

An Afternoon at the Ballpark

Recently, The Players’ Tribune went behind the scenes with Cal Ripken Jr. as he spent an afternoon at a ballpark in Maryland with a group of young fans.

Field Notes: Ken Griffey Jr.

I do miss running into an outfield wall. I don't miss what comes after running into an outfield wall.

How to Rob a Home Run

Baseball is a statistics-obsessed sport, so it makes sense that hitting is easier to understand than fielding. There’s no real stat in baseball for robbing guys of home runs.

Summer Days

For 22 years in the majors, Ken Griffey Jr. spent his summers the same way: traveling from city to city, baseball stadium to baseball stadium. But one experience was missing: summer days off.