Welcome to I Called Game, a multimedia series documenting my final season in the NBA. The series includes a mix of videos, photos and written reflections on my 19th and final year of professional basketball. There are two reasons I'm doing this project. The first is that I wanted to find a way to remember all my "lasts" — my last visits to opposing arenas, my last practices, my last team meals, my last playoff run. The second (and more important) reason is that I wanted to express my gratitude to the people who made this journey possible. To my fans, my coaches, my teammates and my family, thanks for giving me such a special ride. I can't believe it's coming to an end, but I'm at peace with it. I just don't want to forget how good it was.




A Tribute to The Truth

Former teammates, opponents and fellow Boston legends pay tribute to Paul Pierce upon his final game in the NBA.

Me and KG

I first met this tall, skinny kid from South Carolina named Kevin when we were both still in high school. Somehow it took 20 years for us to play together again.

Always a Celtic

It was the honor of my life to put on the Boston uniform for 15 years.

Inglewood Made Me

I’ve heard someone say that a man makes a name for his city. But for me it was just the opposite: Inglewood made a name for me.

When I Knew

In this installment of When I Knew, Paul Pierce remembers the moment when he knew the NBA was within reach.

My Final Season

I'm at peace with retiring, but I've got one more ride left. One more season.

Making the Big Shot

Anybody who played basketball in any capacity has taken a game-winning shot — whether it's during a game, on the playground or just in their mind while daydreaming.

Missing the Big Shot

The entire arena is filled with nervous energy. With seconds left on the clock, everyone is watching you, waiting to see when you'll make your move and whether it will be good enough to win the game. You step back,…

The Five Toughest Players I’ve Ever Guarded

I've faced many, many gifted players throughout my career, but in my opinion, these five guys were the toughest to guard.