Let’s Do This

Here's an inside look into my journey back to the mound. Let's do this ...


Sundays are a little different for me these days. When the Broncos are on the road, I do what most Americans do on Sundays: I sit on the couch and watch football. Me and London.

16 Weeks (Video)

It takes 16 weeks until you can safely throw a baseball after Tommy John surgery. The following short film documents some of what I did during my 16 weeks.

Suck It Up

As boring and lonely as rehab can get, there’s only one way to get back on the field where you belong. Suck it up and put the work in.


How do you end a chapter of your life that has defined you for over 20 years, when the conclusion to that chapter seems very much unresolved?

The Delta

For the first time in my life, I was considered an elite athlete, and it all happened because of something tragic. That's a lot to reconcile.


More than anything else, people always ask me: How do you stay so positive? I could answer that a hundred different ways but the first thing that always comes to mind is my old friend Jermaine.

Learning to Walk

I train like any other athlete. For three hours a day, three days a week, I push my body to the limit. I just have different limits.

Rehab Diaries: Role Models

Willis McGahee became my muse. It sounds weird, I know, but he was the only guy I could really find, the only contemporary of mine who had suffered an injury like mine.

Rehab Diaries: Shaun Livingston

I can’t watch replays of any injuries. I’ve never seen how Kevin Ware went down. I have no idea how Derrick Rose got hurt. Paul George? No clue.