Introducing Singular Focus, an immersive, multi-episode docuseries highlighting the motivation, work ethic and dedication of some of the best athletes in the world, from the physical training to the spiritual and psychological preparation.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 3)

What's a day on the lake if you don't get in the water? To Troy Niklas, it's not. But watch out, Michael Floyd. If you're not careful, you just might join him.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 2)

If you've ever been fishing, you know that the one guy who doesn’t fish is always the one who catches one. Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas's day on the lake was no different.

Singular Focus: Off Day (Episode 1)

On his off days, Carson Palmer likes to sleep in until 6:45 a.m. and then take his kids to school. On this off day, he took some time to catch up with teammates Michael Floyd and Troy Niklas for a…

Singular Focus: Kevin Love (Episode Three)

The legs are back. The range is back. Kevin love, is back. And his entire offseason program is set to come together to make sure he's at his best when it matters most.

Singular Focus: Kevin Love (Episode Two)

Rehab is more than being in the gym and on the basketball court, so Kevin Love took to the mountains of Park City, Utah to hit the reset button on both his mind and his body.

Singular Focus: Kevin Love (Episode One)

Why did Kevin Love travel to Park City, Utah to rehab his shoulder at 7,000 feet above sea level? Why does his training program include hiking and paddle boarding? This is Episode One of Singular Focus: Kevin Love

The NHL’s Best Kept Secret (Video)

Why do some of hockey's best players, like Jonathan Quick and Kevin Shattenkirk, spend the summer training at an old gas station in Connecticut?

Singular Focus: The Team Workout (Ep. 3)

This is Singular Focus, a three-part video series chronicling Willie Cauley-Stein’s training as he prepares for the NBA Draft. In this third installment, Willie flies to Miami for a team workout with the Heat, FaceTime's an NBA buddy to get…

Singular Focus: Breaking Barriers (Ep. 2)

This is Singular Focus, a three-part video series chronicling Willie Cauley-Stein’s training as he prepares for the NBA Draft. In this second installment, Willie heads to Venice Beach to reset his mind after pushing himself in a tough individual workout.

Singular Focus: The Leap (Ep. 1)

I did two really important things in the last few weeks: I got a neck tattoo. And I added five inches to my vertical. I’m not your average basketball player. I’m a little bit different.

Singular Focus: Willie Cauley-Stein (Trailer)

Willie Cauley-Stein is just days away from being a lottery pick in the NBA draft. With scouts and media swarming and trainers pushing him to the limits, The Players’ Tribune joined Willie for the ride. Singular Focus premiers on Monday,…

Singular Focus: Peaking (Ep. 4)

This is Singular Focus, a four-part video series chronicling Chris Weidman's training as he prepares to defend his UFC middleweight title against Vitor Belfort on Saturday, May 23. In this fourth and final installment, Chris lets us inside his strategy…