The STAND UP campaign harnesses the power of the biggest names in sports in support of the ideals of unity, togetherness and love. American Family Insurance is proud to partner with The Players’ Tribune on the “Stand Up” campaign, which gives athletes a platform to improve communities by sharing their personal feelings and experiences on important issues. The opinions expressed by the athletes featured in the campaign do not reflect the views or opinions of American Family Insurance.

Stand Up: Richard Sherman

I want to make sure kids who grow up in tough situations know that there's hope. There are goals. There are things you can do to be successful. You can overcome your circumstances. You can overcome the situation you're born…

Stand Up: Venus Williams

In this video, Venus Williams discusses the importance of equality and making a difference in Compton.

Stand Up: Andrew McCutchen

In this video, Andrew McCutchen discusses why it’s important to help stop all forms of bullying, and the consequences harassment can have on its victims.

Stand Up: Isaiah Thomas

In this video, Isaiah Thomas discusses why it's important to continue to stand up against stereotypes, and the value of breaking barriers.

Stand Up: Caroline Wozniacki

In this video, Caroline Wozniacki speaks out on gender inequality and the issue of unequal pay for women, who often earn less than their male counterparts.

Stand Up: Alex Smith

In this video, Alex Smith discusses why it’s so important to help children in foster care transition successfully into society after they age out of the system.

Stand Up: Jabari Parker

In this video, Jabari Parker speaks out about racism, his personal battles with discrimination and his opportunity to stand up for those affected by such acts.

Stand Up: Joel Embiid

In this video, Joel Embiid speaks about cultural appreciation, and the opportunity he has to raise awareness for education and inclusion.

Stand Up: Abby Wambach

In this video, Abby Wambach speaks out against gender inequality, and the responsibility she feels to use her platform to address the issues that still plague many female athletes.

Stand Up: Brandon Marshall

In this video, Brandon Marshall speaks out against police brutality, and the responsibility he feels to use his platform to speak for those who may not have a voice.

Stand Up: Derek Jeter

In this video, Derek Jeter speaks out against hate and bigotry, while also discussing how he has dealt with his worst detractors.

Stand Up — Behind the Scenes

Here’s a look behind the scenes of our shoots with Derek Jeter, Von Miller, Danica Patrick, Michael Phelps and Karl-Anthony Towns.