The Players' Tribune presents "We Are: New York Liberty," an immersive look inside the WNBA powerhouse team in the East. Through documentary video series, first-person narratives, photo diaries and travelogues, we give a voice to each player as the Liberty fight for the No. 1 overall playoff seed, and ultimately, a WNBA championship. ​​

The Way In

People say that for kids like me — a kid from the projects — that basketball was a way out. But for me, it was always my way in.


It seemed fated that Liberty University graduate Avery Warley-Talbert would find her professional home with the WNBA's New York Liberty.

Round Two

The Liberty did something they've never done before: maintained the league's best record during the regular season. Despite elimination, that achievement still burns bright.

In Essence

From the Garden State to the Garden, Essence Carson's grit and ever-cool have anchored the New York Liberty since she was drafted No. 7 overall in 2008.

The Glue

As director of player performance for the New York Liberty, Laura Ramus is "the selfless glue" — as many players credit her — of the team. She's the best at what she does so the players can be the best…

Round One

The Liberty have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they face the Indiana Fever. The Players' Tribune was there to document every moment of a thrilling first round. This is playoff basketball.

New York Royalty

From embattled Brooklyn to the glory of the Garden, Epiphanny Prince is New York. The Players' Tribune documented Prince's city life and the young ones inspired by her own shine.

Growing Up

When I first meet people or go to a new place, I stay low. I like to observe things. Or maybe I’m just shy.

On the Run

The New York Liberty's last home game of their record-setting regular season came in a crushing loss to the Washington Mystics, whom they'll face in the first round of the WNBA playoffs.

1440: New York Liberty (Episode Three)

In the third episode of 1440, the New York Liberty wrap up their record-setting regular season. Planes. Buses. Hotels. This is the true life of a professional athlete. But they've reached one end and a new beginning: a championship run.

The Five Toughest Players I’ve Ever Guarded

My whole career, coming up, everyone saw me as an offensive player. But defense is something that, my whole career, I’ve taken pride in. I have always been defensive-minded. Here are the five toughest players I’ve ever guarded.

Full Court

With a playoff berth secured, the New York Liberty headed into September with three East matchups: Connecticut, Atlanta and Chicago. The Players' Tribune documented the entire series, from hotels, to locker rooms, to game-time action.