Have you ever been cornered and asked, “So, what do you do?” Or maybe, “What’s your major?” Sometimes, it can be tough to explain. Everyone thinks they know what a pro athlete does. But do we really know? This is "What You Don't Know About," where we ask athletes to explain their jobs without any cliches.

What You Don’t Know About: Returning Kicks

I’m always gonna go out there and bust my tail on a kick return, especially if, for whatever reason, I’m not catching many passes. If I make a play, it’s probably going to be a touchdown.

What You Don’t Know About: Being a Punter

It’s not like I just show up on Sunday like, “Hey, guys. How was your week? I’m here to punt now….” There’s much more to it than that.

What You Don’t Know About: Richard Sherman

This week, instead of Richard Sherman taking you behind the scenes, we lined up his teammates Bobby Wagner and Cliff Avril to give you a glimpse of the Richard you don't get to see. Take it away, guys.

What You Don’t Know About: Playing Cornerback

If you’ve ever asked me, or wanted to ask me, about the most difficult part of playing corner, or about the best corners and toughest receivers in the game, read up. The answers — at least from my perspective —…

What You Don’t Know About: Being A Tight End

You almost have to trick yourself into thinking you’re better than you are. If your mind isn’t right, your body doesn’t stand a damn chance.

What You Don't Know About: Being a GM

I was standing at the blue line with our coaching staff in San Jose on June 12 when the gentlemen in the white gloves brought out the Stanley Cup. This was a moment I had been chasing for 10 years,…

What You Don’t Know About: Water Polo

If you combine the physicality of football, the grappling in wrestling, the endurance of long-distance running, the fighting in hockey ... and, of course, some swimming, that’s water polo.

What You Don’t Know About: Being a Wide Receiver

When I came to the Packers as a rookie in 2006, Brett Favre was my quarterback. His reputation as a gunslinger was all I heard about going into that first training camp. Everybody was asking me if I had strong…

What You Don’t Know About: Rowing

There are a few words frequently associated with boat rides. Relaxing, peaceful, some even say they’re romantic. Unfortunately, the ones that I go on aren’t any of those things.

What You Don’t Know About: Being a NASCAR Driver

What do you do if you need to go to the bathroom during a race? The answer to that one is always the same: You don’t want to know.

What You Don’t Know About: Judo

You may have never heard of a tokui-waza, and you may have never heard of judo. But I’m sure you have an idea of who Ronda Rousey is.

What You Don’t Know About: Being a Defender

For those who don’t have the secret codes, allow me to share with you what I’ve learned on the pitch.